HTML5 Module

Dynamic tools and slides can be set up and integrated based on HTML5 as an enhancement to the presentations. This includes diagrams, sample calculations, product configurators and animations. We are happy to handle the implementation for you!

SMS Gateway

Slides2Go can be connected with this reporting tool for trade shows and events in order to provide employees with informations about existing appointments and requests for appointments. This is the perfect enhancement for coordinating personnel at trade shows with efficiency and innovation.

Order entry

Slides2Go offers a module for digital order entry as an enhancement to the product catalog. This can be linked directly to your merchandise management system. The module includes direct transmission of orders, instant merchandise availability checks, electronic signature and a summary of orders entered.

Product catalog

Existing product catalogs can be sorted by groups, visualized, and enhanced with film sequences, image galleries and various filter functions. Interactive elements provide intuitive and easy operation, creating an innovative sales experience.

Address input

With this add-on tool, addresses can be entered directly at events and trade fairs. The data is saved and transferred to a database via an API. From there, they can be read and processed as needed.


The integration of an interactive survey system (WeWant) allows feedback, customer requests and employee needs to be compiled in real time, forming the basis for optimizing products and increasing the quality of the counsel.