The advantages

Clear and transparent

The analysis of the use of presentations and their components is the basis for optimizing your documents. In addition to the general user behavior, Slides2Go measures the time spent in the presentation determining the concrete content meaning, so that the potentials for improvement can be geared towards the selected goal.

Fast and efficient

Slides2Go raises the quality of your consulting meetings with optimized and reliable display of your presentation materials. All documents are always up-to-date, and the clear structure makes them easier to manage. No annoying searching, no wasted time, no stressed-out employees.

Modular and convenient

Licensing agreements with moderate durations help you to avoid long contract commitments and the high initial costs often associated with purchasing software or additional hardware. Slides2Go can be used with nearly any device, and the advantages are available immediately.

Dynamic and flexible

There is no limit to the number of users. Whether for one or 10,000, Slides2Go is scalable and can be customized for use in all industries and for all purposes. With a back-end that is easy to understand, even large numbers of users can be conveniently managed and easily organized.

Immediate and direct

Slides2Go allows you to forward your data with a convenient share page. The shared data are available there for your customers as an HTML link or a PDF for download. Whether 30 MB or 300 MB, your presentations reach their destination directly without overwhelming your customer’s inbox.

Secure and reliable

Server locations in Germany and SSL certificates ensure optimum security for your data our website. Upon request, we can integrate additional precautions to guarantee the greatest possible security even for sensitive data.